Artificial Legs



Thousands of persons with amputated legs and hands can't afford artificial limbs. It is our joy at Hosanna David Foundation to see many physically challenged people living beyond their disabilities through the use of artificial legs.

Artificial limbs are costly to acquire, hence, many who should be walking on their feet are using wheelchairs and clutches.

This is one of the uppermost objectives of HDF - provision of artificial limbs for amputees. Please join us to make the world a better place by showing kindness to those who have lost their legs and hands.


Mr. Eze Ugbonna

This is Mr. Ugbonna Eze from Ebonyi state. On the 6th of September 2015, his two legs were amputated as a result of an accident he had while working in a palm oil mill company.

February 2018, Hosanna David Foundation constructed two custom built artificial legs for him free of charge and also continues to maintain them till date. He now moves around and is happy again after being restricted to a wheel chair since 2015. READ MORE


From Left to right, Hosanna David, Mr. Eze Ugbonna and Mr. Chidubem Ekwo

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