Our History

Hosanna David Foundation, Inc. was founded by Hosanna David who is a full-time minister of the God, called to preach the message of salvation. Hosanna is the founder and the international coordinator of The Narrow Way’s Christ for all Nations, Inc. He was a Pastor in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Warri (Anglican Communion) from 2011 -2021. He is also the founder of Eagle Eye Opener Global Outreach, Inc. and Biblical Sexual Purity. He believes strongly in the redistribution of resources with love in order to make the world a better place for all, especially the needy.

Hosanna David Foundation was born out of the bitter experiences of poverty and amputation that Hosanna David had in life.  These bitter experiences evolved into a deep passion to help the poor and the physically challenged. He grew up in a very harsh economic environment and was raised by a single mother. As a young boy who refused to give up in life, he engaged in farming and menial jobs in order to advance his education. After a fatal accident that led to the amputation of his leg in 2010, he developed a very strong empathy to help the needy. He believes that he does not need to become first before he can reach out to those in need. As this desire to help the poor burned in his heart, he received message from God asking him to set up a platform through which he can reach out to the needy.  He found a friend, Mr. Chidubem Jesse Ekwo, the CEO of Revert Prosthesis, who also have the passion for helping the disabled. He became a founding member of this charity organization that set out on the mission to improve the lives of physically challenged people and less privileged children, and the aged. To the glory of God, Hosanna David Foundation was founded in 2017. Since inception, hundreds of people have benefited from our charity works in diverse ways.