Free Medical Rehabilitation


We currently carrying out a medical rehabilitation of 9 physically challenged children and 4 adults that is being carried out by Hosanna David Foundation Inc. Some of them have multiple cases. 13 of them have a total of 23 medical cases. Medical rehabilitation is too expensive for their parents to afford. Unfortunately, if the corrections are not done now that they are young they are probably going to be deformed throughout their lives. The good news is that Hosanna David Foundation is sponsoring their rehabilitation for free. Please donate and also help us to share the link. God bless you as you support the less privileged. PLEASE DONATE and support us financially to enable us complete this project and also admit more people into the rehabilitation programme.

Here is a video of the ongoing rehabilitation:

We have successfully carried out some rehabilitations in the past and we want you to support us to complete this medical exercise too.

Here’s a video of a child with clubfoot on both feet that we successfully carried out rehabilitation on:

“Every child deserves a bright future no matter by whom and where they are born.” We are driven by this belief, and it is at the core of everything we do. Unfortunately, many children born with physical deformities in Nigeria do not find it easy in life. Some who have correctable deformities grow into adulthood without being rehabilitated most especially because of the high cost of the correction of physical deformities and most parents are poor. Sadly, most physical deformities can’t be corrected at adulthood. We are Hosanna David Foundation, a Non-Government Organization (Not for Profit), in Warri, Nigeria. OUR MISSION is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, vulnerable children, offer scholarship to out-of-school children, carry out training and empowerment of youths in Nigeria in order to create an inclusive society for all. We have been able to take children off the streets and get them back to school, cater for physically challenged children, providing financial assistance and medical treatment so that they can continue their education and find medical relief. The number of children born with various kinds of deformities in our community is statistically but depressingly significant and we have taken a clear stand to fight and win. Our community is facing this problem and while we do what we can, we need your help to go further as your support is crucial to our efforts to solve this problem. Below are the 9 children and 4 adults who are currently undergoing medical rehabilitation.