Our Story

Hosanna David Foundation was founded by Hosanna David who is a full-time minister in Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). He believes strongly in the redistribution of resources with love in order to make the world a better place for all, especially the needy.

Hosanna David Foundation was born out of His bitter personal life experiences with poverty and amputation, which evolved into a deep passion to help the poor and the physically challenged.

Hosanna David grew up in a very harsh economic environment and was raised by a single mother. As a young boy who refused to give up in life, Hosanna David engaged in farming and menial jobs in order to advance his education. After a fatal accident that led to the amputation of his leg, he developed a passion to help amputees and children with club foot.

As this desire burned in his heart, he received divine inspiration from God, and realized that He did not need to become very wealthy before He could reach out to those in need. He found a friend, Mr. Dubem Ekwo, who also had the passion for helping the disabled, and they both set out on mission to improve the lives of physically challenged people and less privileged children, through technical aid, financial aid, and scholarships.