Update: Mr. Nathaniel David Inee finally receives a free artificial leg from Hosanna David Foundation. We were touched by his condition and tried to raise ₦ 1,300,000 (One Million Three Hundred Thousand Naira only) for him to enable him get an ultra-modern BK prosthesis but unfortunately we raised only ₦ 52,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira only), just 4% of the money needed. But we never gave up. Glory be to God, we have been able to provide him with a modern BK prosthesis. He is now mobile on his feet. Click HERE to read more.

Nathaniel David Inee was electrocuted by high tension wire on the 18th of November 2004 while he was installing long span aluminium zinc on the roof of a two storey building in Owerri. This fatal accident led to the amputation of his two hands and his right leg. Mr Nathaniel was born on the 15th of April, 1982. He is from Ekeen, Khana L.G.A. Cross Rivers State, Nigeria.

PLEASE DONATE to help Nathaniel get an ultra-modern BK prosthesis.

Nathaniel and his 7 years old son Tambari

His wife left him after the accident, leaving him with his two years old son called Tambari. Life has never been easy for him and his son since then.

Nathaniel is a musician. Some of his tracks are: Time is money, Story of my life, Bianule, God of Elijah, etc. but he is ineffective now since he is currently without an artificial leg. With the help of an ultra-modern BK prosthesis with antibiotics polypropylene he will be able to walk again.

Please support Nathaniel to enable him live his life to the fullest capacity by donating towards getting him a modern artificial leg.

PLEASE DONATE to help Nathaniel get an ultra-modern BK prosthesis.

Below is his musical video titled: The Story of My Life