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An alarming and increasing number of over 20 million children are out of school in Nigeria today! This calls for urgent intervention! This is why Hosanna David Foundation is launching “Train A Child” Scholarship Programme. But we can’t do it alone, we need you to succeed.
We need kindhearted teachers and individuals who can volunteer their time and skills to serve as volunteers, school and community coordinators. As a volunteer or coordinator, you will help identify out-of-school children in your school and community, connect them with the scholarship programme, and provide guidance and support throughout their educational journey. Individuals can also volunteer their time and expertise by becoming mentors for the children in the programme. Mentors provide guidance, support, and encouragement to the pupils/students, helping them navigate their educational journey and achieve their full potential.
Let’s put our efforts together to get these children off the streets and send them back to school.
Our goal is to create a better society that is void of illiterates, poverty, child labour, child prostitution, terrorism, drugs, criminality and other social vices.
With you, the success of this project can be achieved.

To apply as a volunteer visit www.hdfng.org/volunteer-application

For more information visit www.hdfng.org/train-a-child

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